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14 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

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Record Store Day – Embracing The Future And Honoring The Past

My dad owned a record store here in Raleigh called Treasure Chest Records. Specializing in a regional genre called Beach Music. No, it has NOTHING to do with the Beach Boys or surf music.

He had the killer selection of 50’s R&B, soul and other coolness. All 45’s, no filler.
The Federal, Chess & King stuff alone was mind numbing. Three blocks from Peace college and, oh, I got to work there on Saturdays when he went to the State game.

If you are from Raleigh and of a certain age you might remember The Record Hole. John Swain and my dad had a space together at the flea market before they each opened their own stores. I bought a mountain of lp’s from John.

John was quite the character, you just had to know him. Here is a clip of John in action.

RIP John.

Atlantic Recording Corporation

It’s not all about the 1841 address.

Crackle OK On Record Store Day

The condition snob poo-poos the VG- condition.
The kid knows it has a kick ass line-up, is a 1st pressing Blue Note and it will play.
It is still about the music first, for some.
Patience does have its rewards, but I’ll take a playable copy until an upgrade cycles it out.

This record kills.
midnight special

Record Store Day

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Common Sense

When it gets right down to it.
It is about the music.
The collector new


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