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14 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

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Record Store Day 2015 – Embracing The Future And Honoring The Past

My father owned a record store here in Raleigh called Treasure Chest Records that specialized in a hyper-local genre called Beach Music. It has nothing to do with the Beach Boys or surf music.

Dad also had the killer selection of 50’s R&B, soul and other coolness. All 45’s and no filler.
The Federal, Chess & King stuff alone was mind numbing.

If you are from Raleigh and of a certain age you might remember Record Hole. John Swain and my dad had a space together at the N.C Fairgrounds Flea Market before they each opened their own stores. I bought a mountain of LPs from John.

John was quite the character you just had to know him. Here is a clip of John in action.

RIP John.

Impact! by the “Impacs” – At In The Groove Records

This record is probably the coolest one I dug out of my collection for today.
collector impacs

Record Store Day Exclusive

Herman’s Hermits ” Blaze ” was last LP with the original lineup and released in October, 1967. The Record Store Day exclusive release is a re-press on 180 gram vinyl.

In The Groove Records will have a Record Store Day exclusive that will take it to a more genuine level. A box of still sealed first pressing copies of Blaze. Cheaper than the re-press too.


Free-form Radio

Such a thing actually existed.
It was good too.
free form



Nancy Sinatra – Country, My Way Juke Box EP

C’mon, how cool is this run of EPs?

nancy country
nancy country 2
nancy country 3

Record Store Day – Cool Record Alert!!!

From one of my personal boxes.
Well loved. Enjoyed.
Condition snobs, so sorry. Don’t care.
secret agent man

secret agent man 45


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