B.B. King In London – Juke Box EP

bb london 7
bb london


It Sounds Better With The Sticker – MONO

mono audition

Record Store Day – Cool Record Alert!!!

Dug this out of a box of mystery.
Someone is going to get a very cool record and even cooler sleeve
star wars sleeve
star wars sleeve2
star wars cantina

Johnny Cash – All Over Again

From 1958.
The beauty of the thing is the strength of the song the authenticity of something that is not a manufactured contrivance, something anyone could own.



Juke box EP with title strip and picture.

It is intuitively obvious that your argument is invalid.
pink panther ep cover
pink panther ep

Aretha – live at filmore west

So, when have you ever seen it?
aretha filmore ep
aretha filmore ep sleeve

Murray The “K” & The Beatles

Alternate pressing.
Murray The K