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carter building 3

In The Groove Records is a small, sole proprietor, independent record store that specializes in pre-owned and enjoyed records. Buy, sell and trade. Bring your records in for on the spot offers by the piece or for the whole pile. I like the weird stuff. The pictures of album covers shown here are of copies that have found their way into my shop.

Located in the historic Carter Building
14 Glenwood Avenue South
( Take the stairs at the end of the hall )
Raleigh NC 27603.
Wednesday through Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 5pm

The Carter Building site…….http://thecarterbuilding.com/

Any sound clips are presented for edification and covered under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976.

The things I post are for greater exposure to record enthusiasts.
Mail order can be useful and so can auctions, but the record store is a vital part of this thing we so love. My father owned a record store here in Raleigh and has collected all his life.

Records last.
Downloads don’t.
Vinyl kills the MP3 industry.


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  1. Greg, I have a small (250) personal collection of LPs that I want to sell. Mostly Jazz, Rock, and Blues. Thought I’d drop a note to see if you are interested. I have made a listing of LPs that I can send you. I also have a Denon DP-62L turntable with the original box and accessories that I want to sell along with the LPs. Thanks

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