Micro-Acoustics – Found Inside

” Knowledge is good ” – Emil Faber

Okay nerdlettes, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Careful cost-benefit analysis, factoring the brains to wallet ratio versus the levels of hype & hope is advised before your quest. Keep in mind that common coat hangers have slain giants in the speaker cable world when used as speaker wires.

The journey begins at the business end of the tone arm so consider this record and accompanying literature for a cartridge. The 2002e cost $119 in 1977 dollars which would be around $450 in 2013. A reasonable sum for a critical part of the signal chain.

Proceed thusly and enjoy this Micro-Acoustics time vortex if you are bored at work……..

micro acoustics front
micro acoustics back full
micro acoustics label
micro acoustics label 2
micro acoustics 2002 brochure
micro acoustics 2002 brochure 2
micro acoustics 2002 brochure 3
micro acoustics 2002 brochure rear
micro acoustics brochure
micro acoustics brochure 2
micro acoustics brochure 3
micro acoustics brochure rear


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