Comfortable Listening

I’ll file this under ” Let me play you the song of my people.”

Works with anything is my thought. Your results may vary.
The recently aquirred Altec Lansings are testimony to my quest of a new set of speakers for the shop. Previously…….

Well, I reglued the spiders, let the glue cure for 3 days and last night began the second trail by fire:
Steve Tibbetts-Bye Bye, Safe Journey, Grand Funk-Live Album, Atari Teenage Riot-Not Your Business and then a classic.

Woofer rubber surrounds I don’t believe you’ve met My Sharona.

They got along famously.
Would have prefered a different result.

Let me play you the song of my people in this instance equates to a pronounced rattling, especially on kick drums. The cracks were surely present but not through and through. My excursion limits exploration ensured they would be. What you see pictured is one crack lightly coated with rubber cement and denatured alcohol. Looks like a surround kit will be required before testing recommences.
The carbon fiber cones are sexy.

Many thanks to John for this 45 & picture sleeve. I remember late summer of ’79 when this song blew up and was number one for six straight weeks.


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