Cleaning records with glue

It works.
Argue all you want to the contrary. I’ve done over 100.
No harm and the results can be staggering.
Works best after a thorough wet cleaning.

The pictured copy has surface issues but a classic case of sounding
much better than it looks. I’m going for all I can get here because I’ll sell it on the sound.
Ultimately, it will end up in the bins as a Frankenstein due to the cover issue.

A first pressing jacket that someone felt the need to remove the front part of the gatefold cover which included the lenticular print. Click for the big up close and you can see the remnants of yellowed scotch tape that sealed the spine for a spell.
Dymo vibe is it for this effort. Have to deal with the spine and the top and bottom seam spilts.

Learn something while your at it……..


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