Jon Lord – RIP

Can you remember the first time you heard an album and it moved you, changed you? In 1977 I was in seventh grade, my friend Terry’s older brother had Burn on 8 track. We listened to that tape one day and suddenly Kiss was no longer my favorite band. Jon Lord’s solo in the title track opened my ears and opened my mind. The perfect compliment to Blackmore’s ego-centric guitar. Burn is still my favorite Deep Purple album.

Famously important to Lord’s sound were his high-powered Leslies. “I’ve got Crown amps running them, but the Leslies are completely gutted, with 15″ Gauss speakers and heavy-duty JBL horns. Each cabinet can take about 300 watts before they start to blow up, and I’ve got four of them. It’s a huge amount of power, but I’ve still got that lovely Leslie effect.” – from KeyboardMag

1200 watts. Rest in peace Jon.


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